Just Have fun with your lovely Cats

Please follow the Instructions!

1. Please do lock-screws with the five hand cardboards

2. As you can see the photo, Just fold 90 degree with 2 short Paw cardboards and 3 long Paw cardboards

3. As you follow the photo direction, just open the box. (Important, Please do carefully, if fold not promptly, the cardboard would fold opposite direction)

4. As you can see the photo, the Box should be like this

5. Fold the these 5 parts of cardboard

6. As you can see the photo as direction.

7. Put the 5 cardboards inside

8. Hang a rubber band on a Screws, and the cat hand board over the top of the main board(Put 3 long paw cardboard at front, and short one at back)

9. As photos, Put hand cardboards and Paw Cardboard together

10, Pull out the rubber band and hang on a cardboard at the front-bottom.
Just do it again for others 。

11. Fold the side cardboard and put into the main board

12. follow the photo as direction

13. Make it stable

14. After play for a while, you can change a new rubber band if the old one is loose and no elastic

15. Well done, now you can play with your lovely cat.
Just cat punch it